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Our mission has always been fine jewellery made from ethical sourced gold, gems and diamonds for everyday style. Darren Yaw believes in jewellery as an expression of self: that you may wear it whenever you want, purchase it whenever you want, present it, rejoice with it, reward yourself with it, and keep it forever.

We’ve been inspired by you—your everyday style signatures, your decisions to buy yourself the darn diamond—the entire time. You’re carrying out our objective alongside us.

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Darren Yaw’s wife established their business because he witnessed a jewellery market that was designed for men to present women rather than women to celebrate themselves. Not to mention, Darren Yaw and his wife couldn’t locate excellent jewellery with a modern twist and an affordable price tag. Furthermore, they were forced to choose between appearing nice and doing good. As a result, they decided to switch things up.The end result was things that are an absolute dream – we’re talking about the best quality, unbeatable costs, ethical procedures, and the most stylish design. Along with that, they established a brand that spoke to individuals who were purchasing for themselves and was oriented toward empowerment.

Our commitment to sustainability

We balance these two areas while designing and creating the jewellery you love, rather than compromising one for the other. We strive across our whole manufacturing ecosystem, from sourcing and manufacturing to branding, to reduce environmental impact, support and develop our partners, and give back to our community. To do so in the long run, we need complete openness across all of our operations, including where all of our materials came from, how they were processed, the working circumstances in which our items were created, and our overall impact on climate change.

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