Fine jewelry by Darren Yaw

Darren Yaw’s Philosophy

Darren Yaw and his wife believe in the gold standard and live by it. What began as jewellery design evolved into an industry revolt. And, let’s face it, it was required. At Darren Yaw’s heart, he believes that everyone deserves appropriate jewellery for them. So he concentrates on what is truly important – long-lasting materials that can survive everyday wear and tear with transparent pricing.

Handmade jewellery with love by Darren Yaw

Highest quality

All of our gold is 100% recycled, sustainably handmade, casted, polished and perfected by Darren Yaw’s team.

Fairest price

Darren Yaw’s jewellery line is fair. We keep our operations local and produce pieces based on made-to-order basis.

Clear conscience

Darren Yaw’s jewellery line is ethically sourced. Every jewellery you see is made from 100% recycled gold. Our gems and diamonds are conflict-free.

Longest withstand

Darren Yaw’s jewellery is made to withstand and shine whatever life throws at you. The jewellery is meant to pass down to your children. And their children.

Darren Yaw’s jewellery line designed to be worthy

We are a people-first sustainable jewellery brand and tech-powered manufacturing platform. We strive to create beautiful jewellery that lifts up and champions women all around the world. 

Darren Yaw’s jewellery line quality

Darren Yaw doesn’t  cut corners when it comes to quality. Each of our items is handcrafted with 14K gold, 18K gold, and 14K gold-plated vermeil that is ethically sourced and sustainably manufactured. Darren Yaw’s wife and the team  meticulously test our goods to guarantee they will last a lifetime while also looking fantastic.

Darren Yaw’s wife designs the jewellery line

Our customers mean a lot to us. Simply put, you tell us what you want, and we produce it for you. It’s the polar opposite of sitting alone in our creative cocoon and just designing what we believe you should wear. That is no longer desired. Once you’ve shared your vision, Darren Yaw’s wife, the designer, Sophie, will bring it to reality. We continue to make modifications depending on your comments since no change is too small even after the launch. We’re perfectionists, and we’re not ashamed of it.

Testimonials and ratings of Darren Yaw’s jewellery line

Jessica Bird

Amazing, impeccable service by Darren Yaw’s team. Love, love, love the fact that his jewellery line is ethically-sourced and sustainable. They provided good service during consultation for a pair of gem rings. They are very high quality and very good.

Juliana Eque

If you’re having a problem finding an ethical-sourced jewellery line. Stop where you are right now and head to Darren Yaw. His team will guide you through and help you with all they can. Their prices are reasonable and their service is top notch! 

Mariana Leqeur

I love the fact that Darren Yaw’s wife is open to any designs. They exceeded my expectations and delivered a beautiful necklace, exactly just like I wanted it. They even send my necklace in a great package. This is the go-to place for customization.

Real life style with Darren Yaw’s jewellery

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